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Initiative Group 'Patients in Control'
In 2010, "Patients in Control" was formed as a grassroots initiative which has organized more than 20 street actions in 10 regions of the Russian Federation, including six actions in Moscow and two in St. Petersburg. Other activities initiated by the movement include: press-conferences and round-tables with the officials, policy-makers, and medical staff; over the course of two years, there were around 10 such meetings, at which the activists raised issues of stock-outs, absence of treatment guidelines, etc. Today, the movement involves around 50 leading activists from all over Russia.

Initiative Group Patients in Control


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Profile in Brief
Initiative Group 'Patients in Control'
Eastern & Central Asia
Grassroots Initiative
Field of Work
Abolishing punitive laws and discrimination
Access to ARTn
Legal assistance
Populations Served
People who use drugs
150 volunteers in 13 cities of Russia
  • The Prosecutor's office of the Russian Federation carried out an inspection of the Ministry of Healthcare and Social Development; the inspection revealed numerous violations. In December 2010, the MHSD conducted additional, unplanned purchases of antiretroviral drugs and it can now be ascertained that in 2011, stock-out problems related to antiretroviral therapy (ARVT) were of a much lesser scale than in 2010. All of this greatly contributed to the fact that problems with the supply of test kits in the majority of regions had been virtually resolved by the end of autumn 2011.
  • Approval of the treatment guidelines for people infected with HIV by the Russian Clinical Society can be considered an advocacy success in light of the fact that HIV treatment guidelines were among the main requirements of "Patients in Control".
  • "Patients in Control" played a major role in involving HIV-positive people and their advocates into advocacy activities, thus contributing to the establishment of a stronger community in the Russian Federation. Special web-sites were created for public, mass-media and anybody who is interested or needs help: http://www.pereboi.ru/


  • Charitable foundation CANDLE
  • International Treatment Preparedness Coalition (ITPC)
  • More than 30 Regional NGOs
  • Local activists in 13 cities
  • Lawyers from AGORA association (legislative support)


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